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the only 'complete' film i know of SWAN LAKE w/plisteskaya (opp. n. fadeyechev's prince) dates from 1957 and has v. levashev as rothbart.

i've not heard of another, and know of no footage of m. liepa as rothbart.

i have done a cursory check of a few ref. books - in russian and in english - none lists rothbart as a role of liepa's.

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Does anyone recall a full-length performance of The Bolshoi's Swan Lake starring Plisetsksaya as Odette/Odile and Maris Liepa as Von Rothbart from the 1970's being broadcast on the A&E channel? Does anyone know if this is available on VHS or DVD? Thanks!

If I can let me ask a related question. Does anyone have info on the last year Plistetskaya danced the complete Swan Lake? I saw her in Montreal and NYC during the early-mid 70s but only in Act 2. But this may have been due to touring issues; she may still have been dancing the complete ballet in Moscow or even on other tours.



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