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Duato's Jardi Tancat

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Does anyone know if it's possible to buy the recording of Maria Del Mar Bonet's music for Jardi Tancat, choreographed by Nacho Duato?

Has any company put Jardi Tancat on DVD yet? ("Three by Duato" has Por Vos Muero, Duende and Arenal.)

Thank you!

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The music was released commercially in Europe on an album called "Coreografies," and it included the music for Jardi Tancat, Arenal, and Cor Perdut. The only site I found to order it is in Japanese, and the disc costs 3200 Yen (BMG ARIOLA EURODISC CD9A - 261214) ~ $28 before shipping.


Here is a link to the lyrics on the album in Catala:


There is another Japanese with an English version that sells the LP, not the DVD, and lists a top condition second-hand disk for $69.00 US.


page with album listed:


del Mar Bonet also release an album called Jardi Tancat, but the only song from the dance by the same name is the last song, "Cançó de na Ruixa Mantells."

Sadly, it was never carried by the PNB gift shop. Pacific Northwest Ballet has performed Jardi Tancat regularly. It has not been released on DVD.

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Would you happen to know what the names of the individual songs are in the ballet? Are these the songs? Jardi Tancat songs
Yes, these are the songs from the three ballets, all of which appear on the album Coreografies:

Jardi Tancat

Cancó de collir olives

Cancó d'Esterrossar

Fora D'ES Sembrat

Tonda De Treure Aigo

Cancó de Na Ruixa Mantells

Cor Perdut



Tonades De Segar

Carta a l'exili

Tonda de Collir Olivws

Dansa De La Primavera

Cancó de Bressol

Des De Mallorca A L'alguer

Den Itan Nisi

The song "Jardi Tancat" isn't in any of the three dances, but was used for the title of the one work. Maria del Mar Bonet recorded it on the albums Jardi Tancat and Raixa.

Raixa is a wonderful album nonetheless. It is a recording of a live concert from the Greek Festival in Barcelona. I was in Barcelona in 2002 and was able to buy it at Fnac.

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Many thanks for the links, Nashota! I searched and searched for sites in Spain that might carry the CD, but never found them.

As an FYI to anyone else who is interested in ordering off of one of these sites, Zambra offers credit card and PayPal. (The PayPal screens are in Spanish :)). Servifans offers credit cards (Amex, Visa, MC).

The price from Zambra is $33.34 USD, at least at the current exchange rate of 18.000+8.34 S/H (to US)=26.34 Euros. The price from Servifans is 18.99+12.99 S/H (to US) Euros if you want it in a case or 18.99+8.75 S/H (to US) Euros if you want them to ship without case. (The site didn't say if the booklet comes with the second option.) The sales site prices it at "18.99 Euros ($18.99 (Dólares americanos)" -- it's been a few years since the exchange rate has been that good.

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