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'The Golden Age' premiere - June 2006

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My daughter and her teacher (both former soccer players), and my husband (never a dancer, but definitely a soccer player/fan/ref/coach/etc.) would absolutely LOVE to see this ballet. And by Kirov (our family's favorite company) -- just to die for. :wink:

Would they ever bring it to USA??...here's wishing

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There were people who found the revival Balanchine's Don Quixote boring because of mime and story-telling-to-dance ratio.

At least Gelber has music on his side -- an internationally-renowned Shostakovich score, versus poor-muzak-shlock by Nabokov for the Balanchine Don Q. Also, Gelber doesn't have to compete against an icon of the ballet world , as Balanchine did -- Petipa's Don Q with Kitri/Basil et. al. It's not as if the public for Gelber's 'Golden Age' will expect to see Rita & the other characters of Grigorovich's 'Golden Age' in the Gelber version.

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Balanchine used to say that anyone who didn't like his choreography should close their eyes and listen. It sounds like some of the crowd at Golden Age didn't take his advice and listen to the superb Shostakovich score, while they had a chance.

There were similar reactions to some of Balanchine's special pieces performed at the Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky festivals, like Persephone and Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony. These pieces contained more pagentry and mime than dance, and there was a lot of head-scratching at them, too.

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