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Whats Up With The Dancing Times?

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I have been emailing The Dancing Times now for about 4 months in an attempt to inquire about information on purchasing back-issues, and to see if the ones I am interested in are available. I send an email probably about once a week, and I have gotten no reply! RG was kind enough to give me another address, but I havnt gotten a response from that one either (?) I was wondering if anyone knows why this is? Or if someone else has encountered this problem? My emails are polite and courteous, and I send the same one each time (Im not, like, screaming or being nasty in them, so I know it isnt becauseof that.... :clapping: lol!)

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the primary contact on the credits page for THE DANCING TIMES is the snail-mail address, perhaps a posted letter would get a reply. (some i.s.p's automatically block certain others that aren't familiar - a maddening circumstance i have found to be true, the hard way.)

here's the postal address:


45-47 Clerkenwell Green

London EC1R 0EB

England, UK

or if you prefer telephone or fax:

t - 020 7250 3006

f - 020 7253 6679

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are you serious?!?!?!?!?!?!? BOY DO I FEEL DUMB..... :clapping: I thought that perhaps this was happening, but I know that when I have emailed them in the past I have gotten replies in my inbox, not my bulk mail folder. Ive been getting tons of junk mail lately, and I usually just dump that folder, but I dont check it....YIKES! Well, I emailed yesterday, so hopefully theres a reply. Thanks alot Jane Simpson!!!!

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