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Konstantine Sverev & other 'future princes' of the Kirov

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My sister-in-law reports the wonderful debut last night of young (age 19) Konstantin Sverev in La Valse/3rd pdd, partnering Yesina. Tall & handsome, he is already being touted as the 'great princely hope' for the future (along with Alexander Sergeyev, who is one year older than Sverev).

Maxim Eremeev, who made such an impact as the Bluebird at last month's Mariinsky Festival, could be considered a 3rd 'future prince of the Kirov.'

Vladimir Shklyarov, who at 21, is older than all ofthe above, is already making his mark in princely roles.

Shklyarov, Eremeev, Sergeyev, Sverev - the future princes of the Kirov?

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Cygnet, have you seen DS since his long injury & recovery? Yes - he is still tall & good looking -- and now a blonde -- but, alas, doesn't dance as he did in the summer 2000 tour in London, when he gained many Western fans. Too, his abilities to project (facial expressions) are not quite in the league of other Kirov-Mariinsky men who dance the same rep (Ali, bluebird, etc.). Nonetheless, we are delighted to have him back & dancing.

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