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I just watched Mme. Makhalina and Andris Liepa in "Essential Ballet", she was DEVINE!!!!!.....what is she up to these days? She only 38......is she retired? Does she dance elsewhere? On 'For-Ballet-Lovers-Only' she is listed as a member of the company, but then again so is Asylmuratova. I read Marc's bio of her, and well known controversial start at the Mariinsky due to her physique, etc., and how when Oleg V. left she was put on the back burner, so to speak :clapping: . Now the Mariinsky is ruled by ballerinas that have her physique....actually more extreme versions of it.

Is she not looked up to the Mariisnky by the younger generation? Does she coach? She is/was? such a devine Ballerina......

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iulia makhalina is still dancing; tho' it would seem not much, prominently. she was a real protegee of vinogradov's and got less 'promotion' after he departed.

most recently she was featured in the dvd about the maryinsky called SACRED STAGE, tho' all are excerpts. in addition to rehearsing with moiseeva in this vid she is shown coaching zobeida. so i suppose she's now coaching, officially at the maryinsky.

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Makhalina is Tatyana Tkachenko's coach & may also be coaching other dancers.

I believe that she danced Zobeide to Ruzimatov's Golden Slave at a recent gala at the St.P Conservatory. Her most recent appearances at the Mariinsky were either as Zobeide or the Stepmother in Ratmansky's version of 'Cinderella.'

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