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POB : Picasso to Dance, Le Train Bleu, Le Tricorne

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Recently I purchased "La Sylphide" and "Picasso and Dance," and watched both tonight. La Sylphide was more wonderful than I expected. I'd never seen anything but excerpts but the entire ballet is extremely charming, so much so that now I want to see Lacotte's reconstruction.

But Picasso and Dance is one of the most disappointing purchases I've ever made. Le Train Bleu was a short charmer, nicely parodying the Great Gatsby-type lifestyle, with a lovely, lilting score by Milhaud. Not much dancing involved. In fact, Nicholas Riche's role, originated by Anton Dolin, involves more muscle flexing than actual dancing. But it's fun, it's cute. And it's always great to see the criminally undervideotaped Elisabeth Maurin.

Le Tricorne? Maybe I'm missing something, but I found it one of the most disappointing ballets I've ever seen. The choreography was so repetitive that a 40 minute ballet seemed like it was literally hours long. Balanchine said, "Put a man and woman onstage and already there's a story." Well Le Tricorne has a man and a woman onstage, as well as a third party, and a "storyline," but somehow, there's no story. There is only so much skirt sashaying and foot stomping one can take before it starts to get dull. I can't believe this was one of Massine's most famous works, according to the documentary included in this dvd.

This was an eagerly anticipated purchase, as I really wanted to see some of the lesser-known Ballet Russes works. But I was very, very disappointed.

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You should see "Parade" sometime! Especially the three Managers. Two cubist architectonic constructions, and in a nod to the dada wing, the (invisible) Manager on Horseback!

We used to do "Tricorne" and I agree with you, it's not much to look at. But Mr. Joffrey DID discover a portion of the original show curtain hanging as a framed picture in a NYC restaurant!

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