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Upcoming Kirov Dvd Projects (some Maybes Here)

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A bit more detail given to me about the filmed casts of Emeralds:

Main couple - Ayupova/Firsov

Second leading girl - Daria Sukhorukova (in place of the announced Pavlenko...which has some Russian fans very upset)

Men who dance with Sukhorukova - D. Semionov and S. Popov (somehow, I recall only one man dancing with the second lady, when I've seen this ballet in the past but the reviewers definitely list both Semionov & Popov...or perhaps one danced it on one day & the other on another day?)

Pas de Trois - Selina, Ostreikovskaya, Korsakov

Rubies & Diamonds leads were exactly as I listed above.

The 'talk of the town' is the exclusion of Pavlenko, however. At least Ayupova materialized! For that we are grateful. :thumbsup:

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The Russian-lang Mariinka.com website reports that Uliana Lopatkina will star in an upcoming DVD of the Kirov-Mariinsky's 'Swan Lake'! Similar to what was done with the recent 'Jewels,' the ballet will be filmed over the course of several live performances (in the case of Swan - three performances in June).

So the mystery of the rumored 'Swan Lake' DVD is solved!

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The various 'Swan Lake' performances are underway and being filmed. Gergiev is indeed conductor and the maddening pace of the national dances in Act II has left some dancers gasping for air. It should make for some very interesting DVD-watching. Of course, Lopatkina has been sublime, by all accounts & Kuznetsov, as Von Rothbart, has exceeded his own high standards. Some very luxurious casting 'cameos,' with several first and second soloists dancing smallish roles, e.g., Mekuriev in the Spanish Quartet; Obraztsova, Golub & Novikova among the Cygnets; and Somova and Tereshkina -- often cast as Odette/Odile -- here dancing among the 'four big swans.' My sister reports that Somova has tried her darnest to 'stand apart' & not blend with the the other three, sticking out her chin & kicking her leg much higher than the other swans. Let's hope that this is fixed by the final filmed performance.

Detailed casting (identical for all performances that are being filmed):

Odette/Odile - Uliana Lopatkina

Siegfried - Danil' Korsuntsev

Von Rothbart - Ilya Kuznetsov

Jester - Andrei Ivanov

Act I pas de trois - Ekaterina Osmolkina, Irina Golub and Anton Korsakov

Spanish quartet - Elena Bazhenova/Islom Baimuradov and Kiti Papava/Andrei Merkuriev

Neapolitan leads - Yana Selina/Maxim Khrebtov

Four Cygnets - Obraztsova, Vasyukovich, Novikova & Golub

Four Big Swans - Tereshkina, Somova, Tkachenko, Osmolkina

Two Solo Swans, final scene - Ostreikovskaya & Sukhorukova

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Not sure I'm allowed to post here, but here goes. The only time I saw the Kirov do "Emeralds," maybe five years ago in London, they left off the coda. Do they still do this (and if so--why oh why???)? Can I keep my fingers crossed that it will be included on the DVD?

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Canbelto - I suspect that the Lopatkina/Korsuntsev 'Swan Lake' won't hit the stores until the holiday season. It takes 4-5 months, at least, to do post-production and marketing work.

Anthony - The Kirov never performs the coda of Emeralds, unless they've just added it recently. Sorry about that. The thrill of seeing Ayupova in one of her best roles more than offsets that disappointment, though.

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the pas de sept/sarabande? (from PELLEAS) added in '76 was specifically not part of the kirov's staging, in some cockeyed seeming view, so that the co. would do the ballet as first given in '67; but the other additions and changes (of a second pas de deux for the the 'verdy' ballerina) and of alterations to the 'paul' ballerina's solo) were kept; so the logic hardly holds. as NN notes, however, the concluding pas de sept is not now part of the kirov's staging of JEWELS and i've not heard of its being added.

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what of "Ondine" Natalia? I am desperate, desperate, desperate to see this work, as I have read it has a whole extravaganza of Pas and variations, not to mention Ill do anything to hear a lost Pugni score, set to Lacotte's choreography.

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I have no information about the release of Mariinsky DVDs, however, Swan Lake by Lopatkina and Korsuntsev (that very one that is supposed to be releaed) was broadcasted in Japan last December.

It was a wonderful performance. Sometimes the camera was too close and sometimes annoying, but Lopatkina was too beautiful to be true.

I hope this performance will be released as a DVD, as it is such a great production.

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Judging by these French and Japanese sites, the Lopatkina/Korsuntsev Swan Lake will be released by Decca shortly. I have no knowledge of Japanese, but the DVD appears to be on sale in Japan already, and it will be released in Europe on October 22. Hopefully, a North American release date will follow soon after.



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