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Royal Ballet - US Tour?


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Crystal City, VA, on the blue & yellow Metro lines. A lot of student & tour groups stay at those hotels, so it must be somewhat affordable (at least for groups). Foggy Bottom Station (for the KennCen) is just five blue-line stops away from Crystal City.... to Pentagon Center - Pentagon - Arlington Cem. - Rosslyn - then Foggy Bottom.

The really 'cheap' deals -- the Red Roofs and Days Inns -- are close to major intersections along the beltway but not very close to the Metro.

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Hotel Guy checking in:

CAVEAT - there is no guarantee on what I say here - it is all an educated guess. In opaque bidding you could get a completely different hotel. Make sure you understand how to bid on Priceline (I have a primer on my blog - also check betterbidding.com), and have patience - you have time.

With that in mind, I checked Hotwire to see what was out there, what *looks* like the Omni Shoreham - http://www.omnihotels.com/FindAHotel/Washi...DCShoreham.aspx is showing up for June 20-22 at $151 a night. Priceline will almost always beat that price. If that hotel would work for you, bid 4* at $80 in the Dupont Circle Zone and work up through re-bidding (you have several - read my blog for more about it) by $5 intervals (if you wish) at first, and then smaller once you get past $95. My guess would be a hit around $110, but again, I have no working crystal ball.

For some reason, rates seem to be high in Crystal City, but it is also very much worth trying - start bidding very low ($40 for 3* or 4*) and work your way up.

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I am also trying to plan a trip to see the Sleeping Beauty in D.C. and as of today (the 12th) the Kennedy Center casting lists give only the Aurora/Florimund -- has anyone seen word elsewhere about other casting (Lilac Fairy in particular)? I can make some educated guesses, but was hoping people might have heard or seen something. Thanks --

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I don't blame you, art076. I will come from NYC for Wed and Thursday nights. PM me and perhaps meet...some BA folks meet under the bronze bust of Kennedy in the foyer at intermissions or beforehand. I'll be travelling so don't know arrival times......

Looking forward to it!

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I went to the 6/17 Royal Ballet Manon in Boston. First of all, I realized as the 1st act was about to begin, that this was the 1st Manon I have seen!!!!!!!

I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

Acosta and Rojo danced wonderfully together. They had the passion. The oneness of their dancing is incredible.

Sarah Lamb and Martin were also great as Lescaut's Mistress and Lescaut. The Royal overall has very good, expressive dancers.

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