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Suzanne Farrell Ballet 2006-2007 Season

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Moderator's Note: I have broken these posts off from the lengthy (and lively) thread on SuzFar Ballet's DonQ's at Kennedy Center. Thought they deserved a place of their own.

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I have heard that Suzanne Farrell will be bringing her Don Q to NY city in June 2006.

Does anyone know the exact date, and where in NY this will be?


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i've heard of no such plans.

TSFB will at jacob's pillow w/ a selection of chamber works, i.e. pas de deux, etc.

then at the edinburgh festival in late summer, w/ DON Q.

unless things have much changed, this would seem to be the extent of the group's touring.

then in the fall a week at the kenn. cent. which i believe has been noted on this site.

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According to the Kennedy Center, the Suzanne Farrell Ballet's next appearance there won't be this fall, but in June 2007, as part of the "Shakespeare in Washington" festival.

Last year I saw references in print to the National Ballet of Canada bringing Balanchine's Don Q to Toronto this year. Anyone know if that's still the plan?

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Shakespeare Festival. So. What will it be? Balanchine's A Midsummer NIght's Dream? Or Bejart's Romeo and Juliet, which she had previously announced for last Fall. I'm not a betting man, but I'd bet on the latter. But this is OT.

NYCB is doing Midsummer for the festival.

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