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Benito Marcelino?


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Hi Alaspuria ! As I see that it is your first post here, welcome to Ballet Talk ! And if you wish to introduce yourself, don't hesitate to do so in the "Welcome" forum:


I've tried to find some news about Benito Marcelino using google, but it's not easy...

He was listed as a dancer of the Karlsruhe Ballet in Germany in 2002-2003, but isn't listed among their dancers any longer. Also many of the web sites mentioning his name were in German or Dutch, two languages I don't speak...

For example, he's mentioned on the following page in Dutch dating from December 2004 (it seems to be about an opera):


He is listed in the following article in German dating from september 2004 (about a ballet performance in Eisenach, Germany):


This is the most recent information I've managed to find so far.

Edited to add: he's listed among the dancers of the Theater Eisenach:



I don't know what the note "*für einen Teil der Spielzeit" means (perhaps "for one part of tthe season" ?)

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My browser (like several recent versions of various browsers) has a right-click translation function. This is how it treated "für einen Teil der Spielzeit: for a part of the play time.

So your educated guess seems to be on the mark, Estelle. :lightbulb:

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Well, I think it is just disgusting what he did to Italy, what with putting all those fassies or whatever you call them everywhere, and I say it is good riddance that he and his girlfriend got hung by their heels, IT IS IMMORAL, HIM WITH A PERFECTLY GOOD WIFE AND THOSE SWEET CHILDREN, I AM IRATE, I AM INCENSED...oh what's that, who? Benito...Marcelino, and not...Mussolini. Oh, that's very different, isn't it?

... :lightbulb:


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