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Ivor Guest's Article On Pugni For The Dance Gazette

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In an effort to find any information for my research on the life and work of Cesare Pugni, I just recently purchased an issue of Dance Research (vol. I, no 1, spring 1983) for the Ivor Guest article it contained - Cesare Pugni: A Plea For Justice. In the bibliography Guest reccomends an article he wrote for the Dance Gazette (1979, no. 1) where he writes more about Pugni's life, etc.

I am wondering if this publication is still in exsistance, and also, if anyone knows, where one can locate, or at least try to, as it is now 45 years old - Guest and Lanchbery's 3 articles concerning the 3 scores of "La Fille Mal Gardee" (1789, 1828, and 1960).

Thanks alot - :clapping:

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i haven't heard that DANCE RESEARCH, THE JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR DANCE RESEARCH has ceased publication, so i assume it's still going. it's published and organized in the UK, i think issues are available to those who belong the dance hist. society - don't know if back issues are available. tho' certain libraries may shelve this journal. One place to send inquiries would be to david leonard, who runs Dance Books, now a website.

the the best of my knowledge, the guest & lanchbery essays on FILLE were published only in a small book put out by THE DANCING TIMES, i doubt there is a back stock of this book, but it might be worth asking. perhaps d.leonard might know of used copies.

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