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Elena Carter Richardson

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One of the area's most influential ballet instructors, Elena Carter Richardson has passed away after a prolonged struggle with cancer.

Throughout the tumultuous roller coaster ride years for ballet students at OBT and the Portland Public Schools, she was a serene prescence, providing a focus on excellence that was unmatched.

When one thinks of the words "Beloved Teacher", Elena surely comes to mind.

I hope others who knew her, as dancer or teacher will post their appreciations.

Peace, Elena...you dance in our hearts forever.

Obituary from Oregonian

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So sad to hear of yet another untimely passing.

I remember Elena from her time at Dance Theater of Harlem -- a spitfire technique and fresh personality. She enlivened the space around her. I'm sure she had the same effect on those whom she touched more directly.

My sympathies to family and friends, her colleagues and her students.

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Elena was a wonderful Emilia in 'The Moor's Pavane." I loved taking her classes and I loved conversing with her. I once saw her in traffic and we couldn't stop blowing kisses to each other from our cars.

Jessica is a tremendous talent in her own right and I wish her much success with her dancing. She has her mothers fire and intelligence.

Elena, the Aurora in my staging of 'Aurora's Wedding' for Oregon Ballet Theatre was not only a dream come true for the audience, she was a dream come true for a ballet master. To me Elena will always define complete beauty outside and in.

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