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"New Stage, New Era"

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The company's inaugural season in the Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts was just announced. Press Release

Nureyev's Sleeping Beauty seems to be an appropriate opener. There was talk years ago that Kudelka would be mounting his new version of Beauty for this ocassion (this extended further than gossip, it was mentioned in the Globe and Mail) but I am glad that this is not the case.

Overall it looks like a good mix of old and new. Balanchine's Don Quixote is obviously a highlight. Polyphonia should be exciting too. I am not too familiar with the new Feld work (a company premiere) "A Footstep of Air". Can anyone describe it a little? I really enjoyed his "Intermezzo" this season.

It will be nice to have the Erik Bruhn Prize again. There is always so much talent!

Also interesting to note that the season schedule has shifted from Feb. and May to March and June.

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Regarding Sleeping Beauty - I wonder if "refurbished production" means all new costumes and sets or just tidying up the existing ones. The originals are looking very old and dated now and, with the exception of the Blue Bird costumes, I wouldn't miss them at all. If there is to all new sets etc. I wonder who will be the designer?

I like what's been announced for next season particularly the return of Symphony in C and Opus 1 The Dreamer.

I expect the $30. rush seats will be the ones at the extreme sides of the upper rings.

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About the costumes, which are magnificent: According to a friend who danced in NBoC's Beauty when it was still relatively new, the costumes weighed a ton and made dancing all the more effortful. :) She visited friends whose European company (forget which) was also doing the Nureyev production with the Georgiadis costumes and found that, while their costumes looked identical, they weighed a fraction of NBoC's. If these are still the original costumes (is that even possible after 30 + years?), it might be a good opportunity to make them lighter and easier to dance in.

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From the press release: "The production will have a $700,000 restoration to bring back the Nicholas Georgiadis costumes, wigs and scenery to their original splendour."

So it sounds like they will still be the same costumes, but for that much money I'm sure considerable changes will be made. The costumes do look very cumbersome, lets hope that the new ones have some of that weight taken off!

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A Footstep of Air is to Beethoven's arrangement of folk songs - they're not major Beethoven to say the least. It has one variation where the joke in it is that the man keeps wiping his nose on his sleeve. I'm afraid it doesn't get better from there.

Toronto should see Polyphonia, but it's really becoming the next ballet on the repertory of the National Ballet of Everywhere, isn't it? Right after Jewels.

The Balanchine Don Q is interesting, if not particularly likable. Refurbishing the Nureyev Sleeping Beauty means one thing. There won't be a Kudelka Sleeping Beauty.

I'll sleep better tonight.

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