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Discounted Tickets for Cinderella

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It didn't occur to me to mention this earlier, but the CB is offering discounted tickets for the opening weekend of Cinderella (most likely all the Denver-area users get their e-newsletter and already know about this). The bad news is that the offer expires at 4PM MST today (Feb. 1). I guess anyone interested would need to send me an email or personal message, though I don't think that anyone should object if I post the code since the e-newsletter explicitly invites recipients to forward it to anyone they think might be interested.

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We would have no objection to posting a code, if the company requests forwarding the email with the code.

I'll keep that in mind for the future. This one's "OBE".

It's fine to put those codes up for everyone, anytime they are sent out; the purpose is to fill the seats. The more the merrier! That email special was a good one too - 20% off. There is another email going out this week; tomorrow if it can be managed, that will announce the new season and offer a discount on season tickets. Keep an eye open for that!

Thanks for thinking of everyone!

Golden Gate

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