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Not quite sure if this goes here, but I just wanted to mark the passing of a great playwright.  Wendy Wasserstain has died.  Not only was she a fabulous writer, but she was also a lover of NYCB.

Sad indeed, and too soon.

Wendy must also have been an opera person. Some five or so years ago Glimmerglass and the NYCO commissioned a bill of three one act operas and Wendy wrote the libretto to one. The whole bill was called Central Park

I seem to remember PBS telecasting the premiere at the NYST.

Wendy must have been a real New Yorker in the best definition of the term.



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Wendy herself was a pretty good choreographer, in the June Taylor Dancers vein. I saw a fun kick line she put together for an early playlet called "When Dinah Shore Ruled the Earth." . I am not good at links, but there is a comprehensive obit in the New York Times. It gets her age wrong--56 not 55)--and it's wrong that the tv broadcast of Uncommen Women was a breakthough role for Meryl Streep. Meryl was already an ascending star--when ever was she not?--and was the "name" in the broadcast. The actress who most accurately enbodied Wendy on stage was her friend from the Yale School of Drama Alma Cuervo, who played the Streep part originally. Of course Streep was wonderful, but so was Cuervo---and so were so many other actresses in Wendy Wasserstein's plays. Actors too, but men were the foils. Friends have noted that she was beloved by all who knew her, and open-heartedly loving in return.

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