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Wheeldon's "American in Paris"

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I am fluctuating between being completely elated that Christopher Wheeldon is doing "An American in Paris"... I can almost imagine how wonderful this would be... and I am SICK to my stomach that I won't be in NY in time to see it. In the old debate of "Gene or Fred"... I always picked Gene Kelly, I love that movie, I love Leslie Caron... I am beside myself with delight that Mr. Wheeldon took it and created something with it... and both of us are wallowing in misery that we'll miss it.


If anyone gets to see this, I want to hear all about it... a dissertation, if you can manage it.

Please and thank you!

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These are some reviews from BalletTalkers who saw its premiere and some early subsequent performances. Reviews of the current season should appear in the threads of the week/s the ballet is performed.

An American in Paris returns in the spring. Perhaps you'll have an opportunity to see it then. In the meanwhile, I suggest you console yourself with the video of the film. The Gershwin is still the Gershwin. What the stage version has (here) that the film lacks are Damian Woetzel and Jenifer Ringer, each milking their thin roles to the utmost. They are delightful, but that's because they are delightful. In other regards, the film version sums up all that has come before it. It has its own problems, but as a ballet, it is much more substantial than Wheeldon's little eye bon-bon.

I hope others will share their recollections.

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