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PNB's reconstruction 'Le Jardin Anime' - Questions

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I was wondering what variations were danced in thier performance? I have a recording of the music from 'Le Corsaire' by Richard Bonynge - his recording includes the complete original music for the scene 'Le Jardin Anime' by Dleibes. Included in his recording are 2 variations no longer danced, as [Petipa used other variations in place of them. Since it was Petipa's version that was notated, what variations were used?

I read a newletter on the PNB site that announced the performance of the scene 'Le Jardin Anime'. In it, is said - quote: ""they perform the reconstructed choreography to an orchestral recording of Leo Delibes’ charming score, in its original 1867 orchestration""..........was it Bonynge's recording?

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Yes, the variations were danced to Delibes' original music using Bonynge's recording. Medora's variation was danced (at least in some St. Petersburg productions) to Delibes' original music prior to the 1899 revival of the ballet in St. Petersburg. Gulnare's variation was danced to music that has yet to be identified (best guess at the moment is Pugni), but that music was similar in rhythm, tempi and length to Delibes, so we transferred the notated choreography to Delibes' original music. Not "authentic," but this allowed for use of Delibes' entire score.

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Without trying to be self-serving, I had the chance to see this reconstruction and write about it for DanceViewTimes -- you might be interested in the review. It was a lovely production and I was very excited to have seen it.


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