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The Golden Age - plot?

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Here is the plot of The Golden Age, as explained by the pamphlet accompanying my tape:

Act 1:

Rita is among the crowd at a local festival. Her attention is caught by a performance of "the Young Worker's Propaganda Theatre" whose actors are young fishermen led by Boris. Boris and Rita meet, but she disappears before he aks her name. He sets off to find her.

His search leads him to "The Golden Age", a nightclub, where an entertainment is in progress. The stars of the show are two dancers, Mademoiselle Margo and Monsieur Jaques. To his surprise Boris discovers that Mademoiselle Margo is the girl he is looking for. Overjoyed at meeting one another again, they are unaware that Monsieur Jacques is watching them.

A gang of bandits is planning their next crime. Their leader, Yashka, is Monsieur Jacques. Lyuska, Yashka's girl, intercepts and beguiles two drunk revellers whom the bandits attack and rob.

Returning to "The Golden Age", Yashka sees Boris and Rita dancing together. He starts a fight, but Rita bravely throws herself between them. Yashka leaves, planning revenge.

Left alone, Boris and Rita confess their love for each other.

Act 2

Unused to defeat, Yashka tries to seduce Rita but she rejects him and flees to find Boris and his friends.

Yashka's gang commit another robbery and go into hiding with their spoils.

When Rita arrives at the coast, the fishermen are working. Her happy reunion with Boris is interrupted by the bandits who start a fight. Rita goes for help and brings back fishermen who rescue Boris and chase away the bandits.

Act 3

There is merry-making back at the bandit's camp when Boris and the fishermen rush in.

At "The Golden Age" the clientelle amuse themselves. Rita is obliged to dance her routine with Monsieur Jacques.

Rita resolves to leave "The Golden Age" forever but as she steals out she finds her way is blocked by Yashka who demands her love. Lyuska is watching them and, maddened by jealousy, she snatches a knife and attacks Yashka. In rage he turns it on her and kills her.

Yashka snatches Rita and using her as a hostage, tries to escape. Yashka is captured and Rita is safe. Rita and Boris are together at last and can celebrate their happiness with their friends.

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