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I am really interested in beginning ballet within the next few months. I am a very determined person, so I will work hard to be good. I have a history of tumbling and cheerleading and I am 16. I am super flexible and strong. So I was just wondering if anyone could please tell me about how long would it take to start pointe? What should I be practicing prior to beginning pointe? Are there any tips? Thanks! Any advice is helpful.


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You'll find lots of helpful information over on our sister board, Ballet Talk for Dancers, which you can find here: http://dancers.invisionzone.com. In general, it takes at least three years of good training, with at least three classes a week before one can dance en pointe. You don't need to practice anything outside of ballet class, although pilates is a good idea. Your flexibility and strength will be a big help!

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As a point of clarification, Monalysa, this board is for the audience. We do not discuss the practic issues of the studio.

Please use the same screen name when you register at BalletTalk for Dancers, and come back here when you've seen a performance you wish to tell us about.

I'm closing this topic, as it is not within the scope of our board.

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