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Is somebody out there.....living


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This can't be true

By friendly help I came to this side, only to discover that there is not much life in what should be a lively forum with lots of discussion, don't you agree..........!

I am new to this forum, but I would like to give this forum a chance to thrive. Is there somebody that is in agreement with this? I know that somewhere behind a rainbow there is a place where I could introduce myself, but being the digibeet I am I have not yet found out where. Eventually I will succeed, with a little help.

Asap, I will participate in this forum by writing what I have on my mind concerning modern ballet-dance. Could somebody give me a clear definition what exactly is meant by modern dance/ballet. To start with!

Well, lets hear from all lovers of ballet all over the world, and holland off cause. Let them know that there is light in dark Europe!

Regards Harry :blush:

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Look around, walboi! There's lots of discussion!

As described in our Misson Statement, the focus of this board is Classical Ballet (with a single forum for other dance genres). As for definition, we have an old thread that discusses definitions of Contemporary and Fusion dance. You might want to look -->here.

Browse the board, and if you see something that prompts a question or an opinion, I am sure you will not be shy!

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