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Monique Meunier


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Someone asked on the ABT thread about Monique Meunier, but no one has answered. Since I was unable to get to NYC for the City Center performances, this was the first time that I heard that she is not on the roster at ABT. I've only seen her on the stage twice, but loved her both times. I'm planning to try to get to NYC for the Met season in the spring. I was hoping to see her. Does anyone know where she is performing? Or if she's still a member of ABT? I thought perhaps if I asked on this forum that the question might be more visible.

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Meunier is not a member of ABT now. That's really all that can be said on that matter on this board, without official word. She is guesting in some Nutcrackers, with Nilas Martins. One of them is in Shreveport.

(Editing to correct location)

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Oops. It's Shreveport, LA. Sorry about that.

December 3 & 4 - Monique Meunier and Nilas Martins will appear as guest artists in the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet's production of The Nutcracker at the Civic Theatre in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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We were just discussing Monique at dinner tonight & wondering what she was doing with her career. Glad to hear she's staying in NY.

I also notice that Danny Tidwell seems no longer to be listed among the company members of Complexions. Besides the Met Gioconda has there been any word on him that I've missed?

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For Meunier's fans:

I was at the Baryshnikov Arts Center on 02/09 and 02/10 to see the Limon company. In the elevator, there was a posting of which choreographers/dancers/companies would be utilizing studio space for the week. Meunier's name was slotted in for Thursday -- I have no idea what for.

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I got a link to an article in the Columbia (University) Spectator. I lost the link, so here's a quote (with some sentances cut so there wouldn't be too much quoted text):

Some of this spring’s most exciting new ballets will be performed not at Lincoln Center, but at Columbia.

The Columbia Ballet Collaborative, which was founded three years ago ... has recently begun to rehearse for its spring season. The performances will take place at Miller Theatre on April 9 and 10 and will involve 25 dancers and seven choreographers, including Monique Meunier, Emery LeCrone, Lauren Birnbaum, Claudia Schreier, and John-Mark Owen.

Two of the choreographers, Justin Peck and Kimi Nikaidoh, are students at the School of General Studies. ...Peck dances for the New York City Ballet and is choreographing a ballet to music composed by Sufjan Stevens.... Two New York City Ballet dancers, Russell Janzen and principal dancer Teresa Reichlen, a part-time student at Barnard, will perform his piece.

For Peck, both CBC and Columbia have helped to launch his career as a choreographer. Last year, he made his choreographic debut in CBC’s performances at Miller Theatre. Soon after that, he was invited to choreograph a piece, titled “Quintet,” for the New York Choreographic Institute.

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These dates are not on the Miller Theater calendar yet and the person there was not aware of them. Does anyone have more information about purchasing tickets?

Miller Theatre

April 9th and 10th



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Here is their press release. Mary

Columbia Ballet Collaborative



April 9th and 10th at 8 pm

Columbia Ballet Collaborative (CBC) proudly presents an engaging program of contemporary ballet works in its return to Miller Theatre. CBC, founded in 2007 by five professional ballet dancers enrolled at Columbia, is comprised of students from all four of the University's undergraduate colleges.

Featured in The New York Times, Dance Magazine, Vanity Fair and TimeOut NY, CBC provides a platform for the collaboration between professionals in the New York dance community and students of Columbia University. This unique organization is student-run and directed and includes members who have danced professionally with Boston Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Washington Ballet, The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, and Complexions Contemporary Ballet.

This season’s highlights include a performance by New York City Ballet (NYCB) principal dancer and Barnard student Teresa Reichlen in a premiere by Justin Peck, fellow member of NYCB and Columbia student. CBC’s resident choreographer Emery LeCrone, who has choreographed for North Carolina Dance Theatre and Oregon Ballet Theatre, will premiere a new work this season. The program will also feature a new work by former NYCB principal, Monique Meunier including a guest appearance by NYCB soloist, Craig Hall. Regarding CBC’s focus on fostering new works, the New York Times has said, "New choreographic voices are rare in ballet, and the collaborative’s contribution in this respect has been vast already."

These performances are part of Miller Theatre's Columbia Performers Partnership, which promotes young artist development, fosters interdepartmental collaboration, and shares Columbia University's artistic talents with a broader audience.

Tickets for the April 9th and 10th performances at 8 pm are $12 and $7 with Columbia University ID. Tickets are available online at www.millertheatre.com/Events or at the box office:

Miller Theatre Box Office

2960 Broadway (at 116th street)


For more information about Columbia Ballet Collaborative, email us or visit us online.

Website: www.columbiaballetcollaborative.com

Email: columbia.ballet.collaborative@gmail.com

Facebook: The Columbia Ballet Collaborative

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