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Did anyone dance with Lisa Sundstrom?


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Capturing Ms. Sundstrom on videotape was sheer pleasure.  I wish more people could have seen her dance.  Please send her my warm regards.  If she could create another dancer along the lines of her own dancing, I, for one, would be delighted!

I am a new member so I can't send Pm, but if you send me one, I will reply with my email . If you like, I will give the email to Ms. Sundstrom.

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She moved from my studio. The time I spent with her was amazing. I had private lessons from her in the summer and I will dearly miss them and her. I will take what she taught me and apply them to my dancing the rest of my dance career. I hope she reads this post and knows how much her teaching meant to me.

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She is currently my dance teacher. She is a beautiful woman who has taught me skills that will last a lifetime. Though I am only 16, she is the best teacher I have ever had and I am truly blessed to have met her.

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