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Swan Lake

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Has anyone seen this in TO? GRETA HODGKINSON and ALEKSANDAR ANTONIJEVIC are really a fantastic match. Together they create an energy that really got me absorbed in the performance. I didn't feel as much connection between OGDEN and COTE, even though many people seem to think they have real chemistry...strange. I actually felt more drawn in by OGDEN with KISH in this afternoon's performance as compared to when she danced with COTE on Thurs evening.

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I didn't feel as much connection between OGDEN and COTE, even though many people seem to think they have real chemistry...strange. 

I saw them together in Vancouver, and I didn't see much connection there, either. She seemed quite distant in general, while I thought he was involved with whomever he shared a scene. He made a fan of me that day. I expected to understand why Farrell chose her as her second Dulcinea, but I came away cold.

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I saw Ogden and Kish on Sat. afternoon as well and while and also agree that Ogden's approach to both Swans is emotionally remote from her partner. I think she is a wonderful dancer and her technical reading of both roles was brilliant - it's only her intrepretation that I find unsatisfying. As for Kish, I really like this young man and he has top drawer partnering skills - even though his stamina let him down during his solo in the Act 111 ppd and there was a messy spill with Rothbart, Odette and the Prince in Act 1V. I thought he he had a good debut Giselle with Rodriguez and I'd like to see them dance together more.

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I was also there for the saturday matinee. I agree that Ogden still seems a bit detached, but less so than in the past. She is certainly more than technically sound- throwing in doubles throughout the fouettes. I found her Odile slightly more convincing than her Odette. What do you think? Kish has lovely lines and an engaging presence, but sometimes he is unable to mask the difficulty in the steps. I found his Act I solo a little shaky.

As for the rest of the performance, I enjoyed Jillian Vanstone's Russian variation in Act III. Nan Wang danced Benno. He is quite young and shows promise. He is very tall and carries himself with elegance. His acting felt a bit unnatural (big colgate smile all the time) but with time should improve. He was having a bit of trouble with his double tours but already has wonderful grand jetes and entrelaisses.

And yes, sparklesocks, I have seen the original cast: Hodgkinson/Antonijevic in this ballet. Both are superb in their roles!

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I saw Cote and Ogden. Enjoyed the performance very much!

I did not find Ogden cool and detached...until the curtain call!

I loved the distinction between Odette and Odile - I don't know that I've ever seen this done quite so well. I suppose it helps that I'm quite close to the front and therefore able to see nuances a bit better than many others in the theatre.......

Technically, both were spot on and with Cote and some others I think NBS finally has some men who can step up to the plate. I did enjoy some of the recently retired men, don't get me wrong, but Cote was such a delight to watch! :)

I'm looking forward to next week!

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Hmm. Interesting. Even though I was up close, I didn't feel any vibe from Ogden's "subtleties" (how do you spell that anyway?) I was impressed by her technical abilities - those doubles on the fouettes were exciting, but I saw the performance 3 times (with other casts too) and discovered that all the females tossed in several doubles. Must be nice!

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