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Hubbe/Wivel film

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According to the Danish newspaper "Berlingske Tidende," former NYCB dancer Ulrik Wivel has just released another short film starring Nikolaj Hubbe, who worked with him on "Dancer" a few years ago.

The 25 minute film, titled "Jeg Dig Elsker," is in Danish and follows Hubbe as he stages a new version of Bournonville's famous "La Sylphide." ["Jeg Dig Elsker" means I love you, in old-fashioned sounding, poetic Danish]

"A refined blend of documentary and fiction," says reviewer Vibeke Wern. "We follow a serious and thoughtful Nikolaj Hubbe in his work staging La Sylphide at the Royal Theater."

"Ulrik Wivel's artistry consists of his ability to cross-cut between practice room, performance, and a solitary Hubbe alone in his hotel room."

"Now and then the film can be a bit irritating, when important mime movements take place outside of the camera frame. But we can clearly see Mads Blangstrup in the practice room carrying out the central bit of mime, from which the film gets its title."

"And as a gesture of love to both Bournonville and 'La Sylphide,' we see Hubbe beautifully repeat this gesture at the end of the film."

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