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Miami City Ballet's first program of the season

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Did anyone see this program in Miami? What were your thoughts? Any reports of the alternate cast(s)?

(I have to wait 2 more weeks until they do it in West Palm Beach.)

Here's a review:

Jordan Levin reviews Miami City Ballet’s season opener for The Miami Herald.

MCB looks better with age

First up was Donizetti Variations, George Balanchine's affectionate, witty Italian salute. On the surface it's a bright, buoyant piece for nine dancers and a lead couple, here Mary Carmen Catoya and Renato Penteado, doing lots of frothy, intricate dancing in pink and blue village gear. But it's also a sly satire of Italian character -- as when four women bury their faces melodramatically in the crook of their arms -- with subtle, delicious virtuosity for the leads.

Catoya was just lovely, carving rapid jumps and footwork with cut-glass musical precision and exquisitely sculpted form, all cloaked with velvety ballerina grace. Penteado is not a gasp-inducing dancer, but he was so clean and open and solid in the tight, rapid-fire beats and leaps that he impressed anyway.

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