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La Sylphide Nov. 23-27

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Casting is up:

La Sylphide and Intermezzo Casting

Hubbe himself will be performing (opposite Jennifer Fournier) for one of the nights. I would love to hear any comments on his James.

Opening night goes to Aleksandar Antonijevic and Xiao Nan Yu. I am so thrilled that Nan will be dancing this role. I don't believe she has appeared in any full-lengths since before she gave birth. She is fairly tall, however, and I wonder how she will look with Antonijevic? I saw them dance some excerpts at this year's Ballet by the Water (outdoor summer performances) but it was very hard to see :thanks:

I was looking forward to see Chan Hon Goh's sylph, but since she is on maternity leave we will have to wait for a revival later on!

It is nice to see 5 different casts- lots of the dancers will have the chance to try out the roles. However, it's a shame that for most of them, they will only have one performance.

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Oh, I wish I could go!!!! I fell in love with Cote in Swan Lake a few weeks ago, and I would love to see what Antonijevic will do with the role.

Also exciting is,

Kain has also invited former Principal Dancer MARTINE LAMY to perform the role of Madge. Ms. Lamy retired as Principal Dancer in May, 2005 after more than 20 years with the company.
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National Ballet of Canada has Ballet Talks, 45 minutes before each performance. According to the NBoC website, the speaker for the La Sylphide run is Erik Aschengreen.


The National Ballet of Canada is honoured to have the esteemed Danish dance critic and Bournonville expert Erik Aschengreen as a guest speaker for Ballet Talks for the run of La Sylphide.

Mr. Aschengreen is one of the world’s leading experts on ballet history and the choreography of August Bournonville. He has been a dance critic for the daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende in Copenhagen since 1964 and was head of the Dance Department at the University of Copenhagen from 1969 to 2000.

Mr. Aschengreen will present a lecture celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of August Bournonville (1805 - 1879). One of the greatest figures in the history of ballet, August Bournonville was a dancer, ballet master and choreographer who created a distinct dance style renowned for its buoyancy, joyfulness and swift, delicate footwork. Bournonville’s most enduring work, La Sylphide, was choreographed in 1836.


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  To be honest, I wish I could see everyone...but that would get expensive!

I have one "good" ticket for La Sylphide (opening night() and will probably get subscriber rush seats to see all the others - I'll likely end up standing at the back as I usually do with a good pair of opera glasses. For the last run of Sleeping Beauty I saw all casts but stood for at least four performances....hard on the legs but at least I was there!

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Any reports on the performance?

I saw Cote/Fournier yesterday; a very nice show! Intermezzo was nice as well.

The little girl in La Slyphide was amazing! Too bad her name wasn't in the program, I"m sure we'll see more of her in years to come!

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Ballet talk with the Danish fellow (who's name escapes me at the moment). I would say that I didn't know Danes had such a great sense of humour, but then there WAS Victor Borge.

So far I must say that I'm quite impressed with the company's offerings this season.

Did anyone get to see Hubbe? Please, do tell!


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I was there opening night and planned to go Thursday to see Hubbe (with a subscriber's rush ticket) but a work crisis put paid to that plan! I really enjoyed the Ballet Talk with Erik Aschengreen but, because Michael Crabb began with the announcement of the Canada Counsel funding increase and Karen Kain's role in the plan, he didn't have as much time as usual. There was no time for questions from the audience for example and I had one ready to ask. I agree...he was very funny and I'd like to hear him speak in more depth. His love of ballet, and particularly Bournonville, was evident.

The performance with Antonijevic and Rodriguez was splendid. Sonia seemed to dance with a cushion of air between her feet and the floor - absolutely weightless! As for Alek, his interpretation of the Bournonville style was marvellous.....calm, steady upper body and arms with a powerful, but light jump. He was a pleasure to watch. I think I prefer the Bruhn staging of the Ballet but with such wonderful dancing on display I’m not prepared to quibble over the pros and cons of each version. Bouronville's choreography remains intact and that’s all that really matters.

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I enjoyed La Sylphide more than I expected to to be honest. Of course with my bias toward Cote, I enjoyed the Sun performance (which I was relieved to be able to attend) more than the Thurs evening. Would have liked to have seen Rodriguez too but I guess you can't have it all. Gotta love all those crazy beats for James....

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