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Bonynge's recording of 'Jardin Anime'

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Bonynge's recording of "Le Corsaire" (Decca 430 286-2 out-of-print) is not of the music as it was first performed in 1856, but of the revival of 1867 as re-staged by Mazilier for the ballerina Adele Grantzow. Included is the Leo Delibes additions for 'Jardin Anime' from the 1867 score. When compared to the version used at the Mariinksy (& ABT, etc.) today of 'Jardin Anime' there are differences. I know Petipa mounted the ballet in 1899 for the Imperial Ballet and after hearing this recording it seems someone (Drigo more than likely) re-orchestrated the music very heavily for Petipa's revival.

What is recorded here is -

Track 6- Valse de Naila (the opening Waltz)

Track 7- Andante (Medora's adagio with the Corps de Ballet) followed by a reprise of the Waltz and and introduction to the following Varaition

Track 8- Variation for Mme Fioretti (not the traditional harp solo varaition for Gulnare). Next is the introduction of Medora's solo, but in this case its the music used today as the opening of the Coda (the slower music that starts the coda before the music gets fast)

Track 9- Variation for Mme Grantzow (Medora's Variation - not the tradtional one used today)

Track 10- Finale (this is the familiar coda used today but without the slow opening) followed by a reprise of the Waltz

The music for the waltz, adagio, and coda is the same but the orchestrations are far more simple, though no less beautiful. It is obvious that when Petipa had the music revised for his 1899 staging he had the intro to Medora's variation used as an intro to the coda. The Variations themselves were ommited and replaced with other variations and the music for the scene was heavily re-orchestarted. Was it Drigo? It had to have been, because he also added in the Pas de Deux a Trois, and he was the one guy that would have done such a job. The re-orchestarted smaterial used today is basically an expantion of Delibes orignally arranged. The Bonynge recording sounds way more like something Delibes would have done as far as orchestrations - they are very simple, adequate, and beautiful, where as the Mariinksy version is far more eleborate - as many of Drigo's orchestrations are (in his own ballets, etc). But, I am not 100% certain that it was Drigo that re-orchestrated the score of 'Jardin Anime', but like I said, who else would have re-arranged it?

Another interesting addition in Bonynge's recording of "Le Corsaire" is that of the Pas des Odalisques - it is not the entire pas de trois as came to us through Petipa but just the entree, and it was Adolphe Adam that composed it. It is much more beautifully arranged and has a far more elaborate ending than that of the Russian version. I found this to be and interesting addition to this recording.

Another interesting addition is that of the 3rd variation from the 'Pas des Odalisques'. It is included on track 4 of CD 2 of the Bonynge recording (This is Act II of the ballet). The Track is simply titled 'Action' in the booklet. It consists of many little numbers and is 16 minutes and 34 seconds long. Among the numbers included is what is now known as 'Variation 3' of the Trio of the Odalisques. This number is very elaboratly orchestrated, and the ending leads into the next number. So, it was Adam that composed this variation.

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I suspect that today's Medora's Variation is Minkus as it is included in the score of Don Quixote. I have also seen a different orchestration of today's Gulnare's variation performed once in a production of Paquita (but that obviously doesn't help).

Also, was the introduction to the Odalisque Pas de Trois Adam? It sounds very Pugni - simple and cute, easy to dance to.

I am in desperate search of this CD! Even though it's out of print, is there any where that would sell it?

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The Bonynge recording uses the original Delibes orchestration of his music. Solor, be careful about stating "it is obvious" until you have been able to look at source material and read a description of it. The violin rehearsal score used for the 1899 revival of Corsaire doesn't guarantee re-orchestration of Jardin anime music by Drigo. I have not been able to see the orchestral performance score of the 1899 production, however. This is not available in the West, so far as I know. I've written about the Jardin anime music in Dancing Times, Sept 2004. The interpolated variations for 1899 are not by Delibes but by other composers.

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I suspect that today's Medora's Variation is Minkus as it is included in the score of Don Quixote.

Medora dances a Minkus variation (one that isn't from Don Quixote) in the Kirov's production that is different from what we often see in the west. To which variation are you referring?

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I would love to read that article Doug! Can one access it via the internet?

Some had to have re-orchestrated the music for 'Jardin Anime' for Petipa's revival, as that is what came down to us.

MinkusPugni -

Yes the Entree of the Odalisques is by Adam, and the rest of the pas is by, well, whoever composed it. But the arrangements of this number are far more beautiful than those of ABT (re-arranged by Kevin Galie) or the Mariinksy, which are really dull. The ending of this number in the Binynge recording is far more elaborate.

This recording turns up every once in a while on Ebay, but rarely. When I got mine I got it via Amazon.com and it cost me $70!!! It turns up on Amazon.com even less often that it does on Ebay.

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Pugni composed the rest of the pas (even though I thought that he composed the whole thing!) as I have seen the three variations credited to him. Now that I know the introduction isn't Pugni, maybe the coda isn't too!

The variation I'm talking about that is in the score of Don Quixote (it's in the score but I've never seen it performed) is the one that is performed in the ABT variation for Medora in the Pas de Fleurs. What is the Medora's Minkus variation performed in the Kirov?

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MinkusPugni, I've never seen the Medora variation from the Jardin Animé performed by anyone but the Kirov, so it's difficult to reference, but you can see it on the DVD/videos "The Kirov in London" and "Le Corsaire" with Altynai Asylmuratova.

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Does anyone know the orgins of the "Pas des Odaliques"?

Adam composed the Entree and the 3rd variation, both numbers are included in the Bonynge recording of the 1867 Paris Opera conductors score.

But what of the Coda, and 1st, and 2nd variations?

when was this pas first assembled? how authentic is the version danced today to the orginal?

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