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What are the most "erotic" ballets?

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the ballet which instantly comes to my mind when the word 'erotic' is mentioned, is a work by choo san goh, which i saw performed by singapore dance theatre in conjunction with hong kong ballet (about 8 years ago). maybe it had 'birds' in its title?

one reason that i particularly recall this ballet, is because i was reviewing it, but my editor was also with me at the performance. *i* found it erotic - its delicacy, somehow - and the balletmaster (an american, whose name i can't recall, who i assumed to be gay) agreed with me.


i'd love to see that work - and ANYTHING by goh - again.

Was it perhaps "Birds of Paradise", two couples, a corps, set to Ginestera's Harp and Orchestra Concerto? (Originally Washington Ballet, 1979, but Singapore has toured with it.)

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