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Photos of dancers from CORSAIRE


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The following repeats the post from "ballets" - "Le Corsaire" where i was unable to attach photos.

I’m posting a few historic photos related to LE CORSAIRE Pas De Deux, Etc.:

*One shows Zubkovsky as the “Slave” perhaps is 1939, with credit for the duet to Chekrygin

*another shows Chabukiani in his “slave-chains” in a costume that no doubt was familiar to Nureyev; the photocard is dated 1939 and gives "Slave" as the role-name.

*finally a really curious photo of whoknows what production in an undated picture of an unidentified dancer in an equally unidentified role. All I know for certain is that it shows some moment from KORSAR – the Russian name for the ballet. (I suspect this is Conrad, and not the “Slave” but his heeled shoes might indicate that IF there was “classical” duet in whatever place/production depicted, this dancer would NOT have been the one doing the classical dancing.)




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good point, anna, about the 'look' of this unknown fellow against most 'looks' for Conrad, who's often almost over-dressed for a dancer.

it must more likely represent come character in the pirate cave scene, where Conrad gets drugged, perhaps this 'Ali' character in some manifestation.

as for the writing on the card's negative, i think the writing above the word KORSAR may refer to the photographer (or studio) and not necessarily refer at all to the ballet credits. but i'm only, as ever w/ such things, guessing.

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You think maybe the thingies around his wrists and ankles might represent manacles and leg irons? Also, while this is certainly offensive in our place and times, the fact that he appears so dark in the photo might indicate a lower status,and would not have carried the same "politically incorrect" baggage that it does for us.

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