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Go see Onegin


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I saw the 2nd cast ( Fote/Murphy) of Onegin by HB this week. It is a beautiful piece of choreography. Being new to Ballet, I had not experienced Cranko's works before. I was very taken by the way he uses the body to express the story/emotions. It opened my eyes to another aspect of Ballet.

I understand stagings of Onegin are rare. So don't miss it. I also understand that the new female principle is cast in this series.

My 2 inflated cents.


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I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself, Amitava! One comment though, stagings of Onegin really are not all that rare. That sounds like company hype; they're actually reasonably common among companies of a certain budget. It was first performed by Stuttgart ballet, and has been done by (and this is just from a guick Google search) American Ballet Theatre, English National Ballet, the Royal Ballet, the Royal Danish Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada, Boston Ballet, Hungarian National Ballet, Bavarian State Ballet, Finnish National Opera, and the Australian Ballet, which is probably where Welch's familiarity with the ballet arose. For good and ill, directors tend to bring their repertory with them whereever they go.

I honestly don't think much of the ballet as a ballet (I think the pas de deux are brutal and Cranko underuses the corps de ballet). A lot of people love it, a lot of people don't (Arlene Croce wrote pretty scathing reviews about it when Stuttart first presented it in NYC), but I'm rather impressed with it as a vehicle for some major performances. One of the most moving performances I saw in '03 was Martine Lamy in NBoC's production with Nikolaj Hubbe guesting as her partner.

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