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Copyright and Special Forums

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Copyright and Special Forums

Copyright and Protected

If a site discloses that any protected material has been copied illegally there, please don't link to that site.


  • For full articles, limit excerpts and translations to 250 words or less for full articles or books.
  • For short articles, limit the post to a brief sentence or two or an overview without quote.
  • When quoting an article on the Internet, include a link to the original.
  • When quoting traditional printed material, cite the publication/article title and author.


  • Do not link to ballet video unless you summarize why it's of interest or have a discussion point to make about the contents.
  • Our software sometimes embeds YouTube videos directly into the page, and other times it doesn't. There's isn't a switch to turn this on or off.
  • Certain ad-blockers and browser plug-ins block embedded videos and/or leave an option for download only. Our software doesn't control this.
  • Unless something is disclosed on the site as pirated, we do not police it. It is up to the copyright holder to go to the source to have the source remove the video.

Following is a list of the type of sites from which videos may be linked on Ballet Alert!

  • Official Company, festival, and competition sites
  • Publisher/distributor sites (ex: Deutsche Grammophon, Sony, Miramax, VAI, Arthaus Musik)
  • Artist management sites (ex: Elite Dance Management)
  • Artist sites that are hosted/sponsored by their artistic management or recording companies and where the affiliation is clearly shown on the homepage: Ex: http://www.yo-yoma.com/, where Sony’s copyright info is at the bottom of the homepage
  • Official artists' sites that are dedicated to their art:
    • The site must indicate clearly that it is an official site.
    • The site must be substantial and not be simply a list of download files.
    • No fan or unofficial sites are allowed.
  • Large commercial sites that offer downloads or excerpts:Ex: amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, fnac.com, iTunes
  • Established industry sites:Ex: imdb.com, cinemovies.fr
  • YouTube, vimeo

If you do not post the direct link to a video, please give instructions on how to find it.

* Please note: Video URLs may change or be removed from the site, downloads will be removed as rights expire and/or are sold, and that instructions in these posts may become obsolete over time.

If you try to find a download or page and you find it is no longer available, you are welcome to note this on the thread or to notify a Moderator by using the "Report" button for the post.

Cross-posting and Other Sites* Cross-posting your own material occasionally is fine with Ballet Alert!; however, you must check the rules of the other site before you do.

  • When cross-posting your material to another site, attribute the source site (Ballet Alert! or other) in your post.
  • Do not post negative opinions about other sites (aka board dragging)
  • Cross-posting to drive traffic elsewhere is not allowed.

Special Forums

There are several forums in which specific tasks have been assigned:

Links* The Links forum is for posting links to articles that appear in the press, and for noting any errata you find in them.

  • To comment or expand upon an issue raised in an article in Links, please open up a new thread in the appropriate forum (Dancers, Ballets, company forums, etc.) and begin a discussion.
  • Please post announcements and changes to company websites in Heads Up!.
  • Links are posted by dirac Monday-Saturday (AM Pacific Time) and Mme. Hermine on Sundays (AM Eastern Time).
  • If you find another link after the (current) day has gone by, feel free to add to to the thread for the date that it was published (usually listed on the page).
    • If you want to get an email notification when the daily thread has been opened, click the "Follow this Forum" button in the upper right hand corner. (You must be logged in.)
  • Online publications often add stories to their websites throughout the day, and we are checking out for them and adding them over the day.
  • Links from Asia are often dated a day ahead, due to time zone differences.

Company Forums*

  • Major companies and companies where our members are actively posting about them have their own sub-forums. All other companies are aggregated into sub-forums like "Other Russian Companies"
  • Please describe what you see. Do not discuss critics' reviews in the company forums, which are there to hear what you think about them. (You can discuss the critics in "Writings on Ballet" forum.)
  • You are welcome to note casting changes that appear on official sites, or if your source is other official news (newspaper, promoter's website, curtain announcements, etc.)
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