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Changes to the Home Page and Forums


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We'll be making some changes to the way the board is organized and to the names of some forums over the next two days. If the board changes while you are logged in or between visits, and some links no longer work, you are not imagining it :).

Details will be posted when the process is complete.

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The updates to the board are complete! Following is a guide to what has changed:

Editorial Advisors

We are extremely lucky to have a group of scholars and writers on Ballet Talk who are so generous with their time and expertise, and we are grateful that they do so for us. We have created a new board group called "Editorial Advisor," which will now appear under their names in posts, which will recognize their contribution to the board. To read more, please click here.

Thank you to Alexander, Alexandra, doug, Marc Haegeman, and rg.

Look of the Board

We moved and renamed some forums. Here's a guide to finding them:

    * The "Homeroom" -- Ballet Talk Annoucements" category has been consolidated with the "About This Site" category to form a single one, "Homeroom" -- Ballet Talk Announcements and Policy." The forums in this category are "All Members," "About This Site" (with subforums for policy and how-to's), and "Welcome."
    * We've moved the "How-To's" into a subforum of the "About This Site" forum called "How the Site Works," and we've deleted a forum ("Dancers and Parents") that was needed during the transition when Ballet Talk and Ballet Talk for Dancers split into two separate boards.
    * In the "General" Category, we've re-sorted the forums, changed the name of "Ballet News" to "Ballet News Discussion," and moved "Modern and Other Dance" into a new category devoted to modern dance and arts and literature.
    * In the "Subtexts and Contexts" Category, we've made the following changes:
      > The most important is that the Ballet History and Ballet Music forums have been combined into a single forum. While not every topic on ballet history is music-related, we've found that more and more music topics are inextricably tied to ballet history, particularly in reconstructing the versions of choreography in which ballet music was added and removed.
      > "Books, Magazines, and Critics" is now called "Writings on Ballet," to include Internet-related sources, such as professional blogs.
      > "Other Performing & Fine Arts" and "General Reading and Literature" join "Modern and Other Dance" in their own dedicated category.

    * The "Ballet Companies" category has been renamed as "Ballet Companies, Performances, and Reviews" to reflect the way in which it has evolved. Changes to the category are:

      > "Recent Peformances," the original forum where all reviews lived until company forums were created, has been renamed "Galas, Competitions, Festivals, and Commemorations," as a place to review and discuss performances that span various companies or are not company-related.
        + If you are looking for the "Ashton Centennial" or "Children of Balanchine on Balanchine" sub-forums, they are now located here.
        + School workshops and tours by the related companies will remain in the appropriate company forums.

      > The "Ballet Videos, Films, and Broadcast Performances" forum has been moved to this category.

    * A new category, "Modern and Other Dance, Arts, and Literature" has been created to consolidate the three non-ballet, but important, long-time discussion forums. It is located directly below the "Ballet Companies, Performances, and Reviews" category.

About This Site Update

We've consolidated and rearranged the Rules and Policies and How-to's for the site.

    * Rules and Policies are now broken into three sections:
      > "Before You Register" is targeted to non-registered posters, and explains what the board is and isn't, the registration process, and the guideliness for choosing a username.
      > "Before You Post" is targeted to newly registered posters, and gives a strategy for joining discussions and links to helpful references.
      > "Rules and Policies" is a consolidation of policy. If you are a current member, please give it a read, because it provides the basis for how the board is moderated.

    * "How the Site Works" contains an explanation of board moderation and has a list of posts to explain board functionality, such as how to reply, to format, to create special characters, what the various buttons and links do, the search and help functions, etc.

      > This is still a work in progress, and more posts will be added. The current documents are "closed," but please feel free to open new threads to ask questions and to report things that don't work as described.

    *The documentation for "Blogs" has been moved into it's own sub-forum in"About this Site."

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