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Ballet Talk for Dancers


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Ballet Talk for Dancers is our sister site. Ballet Talk and Ballet Talk for Dancers were once a single site called "Ballet Alert!," but as both sites grew, we split into two, each with its own complementary purpose.

Ballet Talk for Dancers provides a place for ballet students and parents to discuss dance education, summer intensives, careers in ballet, competition and auditions, nutrition and health, pointe shoes and clothes. The Teens forums are devoted to pre-professional training, while the Adult Student forums focus on recreational training. There are special "buddy board" forums for teens and adults.

Ballet Talk for Dancers is administered by Victoria Leigh, who teaches at the School of the Washington Ballet, and it is her vision that guides the board. (For a short biography of Ms. Leigh, please click here.) Among the great moderating team is Mel Johnson, one of Ballet Talk's senior Moderators.

Ballet Talk for Dancer is a unique and irreplaceable resource on the Internet, and we urge pre-professional student and their parents and adult students to visit the site. We are proud of our common history and to be associate with BT4D.

There are many members of both boards. If you register for both sites, we ask that you request the same username for both.

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