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One Last Dance

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Hey guys,

You have got to see this movie One Last Dance. We've waited 18+ years to see it and it is exactly what dance is all about. It's taken all the stereotypes and showed them for what they really are and not a caricature of what they are like in those "other dance movies".

Desmond Richardson and Rasta Thomas are two fo the main company dancers while Patrick Swayze, George de la Pena and Lisa Neimi show the youngsters what dance means to them. Amazing. Made me cry and inspired.

Please check this movie out. It needs to be seen and they put so much heart and soul into it. The story has to be told. You will see choreography from Doug Varone, Alonzo King, Patsy Swayze and Dwight Roden. They reall sunk there teeth into the story and dialogue is almost non-existent because the dance tells it all.



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