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How This Site Is Moderated

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How the Site Is Moderated

We edit and remove material that is in violation of one of our eleven rules -- almost always for unofficial news or agenda violations -- move posts and threads to appropriate forums, remove duplicate posts, merge threads on the same topic, and split threads when necessary. We clean up obvious formatting and readability issues if we see them. We've also started to remove or edit down a lot of extensive quotes, now that so many people read on tablets and phones, since it takes so long to scroll. We may note in the post if we've edited it (and for what reason), but mostly, we won't.

There are rare times when, at our discretion, we leave a questionable and/or distasteful post on the board to make a public example of it. Aside from that, we have a "three strikes and you're out" policy on violations. Please remember that anyone with Internet access can read the board, but posting is a privilege, and we have a right to define our little corner of cyberspace.

If your post "disappeared," be sure you're logged in, click the little down triangle/arrow to the right of your name, and then click the "My Content" link from the Profile Page that opens. On the Search Results Page, you'll be able to see your post list. The forum in which it now appears is listed at the bottom of the post. If you click the thread title in the upper left of the post, you'll navigate to the post. If the post doesn't appear on the list, check your PM mailbox or email. If you still have a question, send a PM or email to a Moderator or Administrator. If you are a New Member, send an email to us using the "Contact Us" link at the top right of each page.

If you just registered and your group is "Registration Completed" (in your profile), then anything you post must be approved manually by a Moderator until your membership is upgraded manually to "New Member."

If upon registering you do not give us your full name and location (city and state/province for US and Canada, and city for all other countries) or if your IP address doesn't match your location, or you don't validate your email, we'll put you in "inactive" status.

If your first post is in violation, or we find that your posting pattern is questionable, we will put you on "Moderated," a status that is not public-facing, but means that your posts must be reviewed by a Moderator before they are "published" to the board, edited and published, or deleted.

  • For new posters, we do this to be sure you don't re-post until you've seen our email, and once we get confirmation that you understand the policy and intend to follow it in future posts, we'll remove you from "Moderated" status.
  • If you are on "Moderated" for violations, we will review the posts as we have time, and we will edit and/or delete them at our discretion. We do not notify the original poster about changes or deletions.

Moderators may miss something, be sleeping at the time of a post, or may read content or tone differently than you. Please do not take matters into your own hands by responding on the board and discussing the discussion. Instead, use the "Report" button under the post and the Moderators will review it. It's not that we don't appreciate your attempts to uphold board standards, but it's important for the Moderator team to handle the situation. Feel free to ignore the post on the board and skip over it when responding to the thread.

In her writings Edith Wharton described the devastating effect of the "cut," which was so much more effective than the "scene."

What Are Moderators and What Do They Do?

Moderators are Ballet Alert! volunteers who put in many hours to be sure that the board runs smoothly. They are responsible for guiding the discussion, ensuring that the posts follow board rules, welcoming new posters, and managing the registration process.

Moderators are broken into three groups:

"Moderators" who are responsible for one or more specific forums (aka "Forum Moderators")
"Board Moderators" who monitor all forums
"Administrators" who are also responsible for the technical aspects of the board.

Multi-lingual Moderators called "Foreign Correspondents" have access to foreign-language press and Internet sources that are not available to English-only readers, and they have the expertise to discern which print sources in each country are credible and follow Ballet Alert rules. They may post summaries and information for their respective forums as a service to Ballet Alert! without specific links, but with a more general source such as "in the Russian press," or "on French TV."

If you're unsure about whether something can be posted on the board, you may send it to a Moderator for review beforehand.

How Can I Find Out Who Is a Moderator?
You can identify the Moderators by checking the Group that appears under the username to the left of each post, or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the "The Moderating Team" link.

How Are Moderators Chosen?
Becoming a Moderator is by invitation only, based on Board needs. There's not an application process. (Most people have no interest in being one.)

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