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2006 Repertory Season Brochure

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I just got the SFB 2006 Repertory Season Brochure in the mail, and the photography is simply stunning. On the cover is a gorgeous photo of Elizabeth Miner in the wings in warm-up togs, stretching out her left quad. Talk about Vogue cover material. That's just the beginning; there isn't a bad shot in the bunch. About half are attributed to Lloyd Englert, Morty Sohl, and Chris Hardy. The rest are by Erik Tomasson. :yahoo:

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The Miner picture is also in the Spring 2005 Backstage, the subscriber newsletter/magazine. That issue has several stunning photos itself, such as the Dybbuk picture on the back cover and Boada and Viselli in 7 for Eight.

Oddly enough, I haven't received my brochure yet... :off topic:

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