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Bolshoi in Orange County


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I attended Sunday matinee and loved the leads in this performance of Sparticus. I guess there were some casting changes and I was elated to find Maria Alexandrova wonderfully cast as Aegina. Crassus was danced by Vladimir Neporozhny and although his sleek lined physique gave him a less weighter approach to the role, he improved as the night went on giving his dramatic best. I adored Nina Kaptsova as Sparticus's beloved. But the night went to Alexander Vorobiev's Sparticus. His performance was excellent, even though his stature is small. The choreography for the corps men was simple minded and danced a bit ragged. The women corps were lovely. Much of the ballet was old fashioned to me, but I gravitated to many of the pdd's and solos. And just enjoyed seeing the Bolshoi in their element.

No, the men were not of the level that I remember from years ago. But the big dancing style and dramatics was all in place. I am hoping that they survive this century with all the changes in their economy and politics. With good direction, they still could hold on to their heretage and lead their dancers into the 21st century.

But I felt watching them that they are in transition and many of the dancers seemed very young,especially the men.

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Thanks for both the personal review, socal gal, and the wonderful link, giannina.

I've read so many negative criticisms in the press about the Bolshoi nowadays -- inadequate technique, insufficient casting, overextensive touring, you name it. It's quite extraordinary -- much more than for other companies which are continually called "great."

What's really going on? Do these negative reviews reflect a company-wide failing? If so -- who or what is to blame?

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Attended the Saturday evening performance of Spartacus. Was fairly disappointed overall but there were a couple of bright spots.

We saw Yuri Klevtsov as Spartacus, Alexander Volchkov as Crassus, Alexandra Antonicheva as Frigia and Maria Allash as Aegina.

I think our disappointment was mainly due to high expectations, the technique in particular. The men, in general, were the larger disappointment as we've seen much stronger dancing in corps members from other companies than we saw in lead dancers - a principal dancer who appears barely able to execute a double pirouette? The acting of the female leads was very weak. I never felt drawn in to the love connection between Frigia and Spartacus. Maria Allash as Aegina was better cast IMO but still didn't fully deliver as the scheming courtesan. Don't really mean to bash the Bolshoi, but we just expected so much more.

Bright spots - the crucifixion and the requiem - not the dancing but the theatrical aspects of the scenes.

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