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ABT 2005-2006 ROSTER

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Meunier was not cast often in her last couple seasons at NYCB nor was she used any more frequently by ABT during her tenure there.

It's easy to understand Korbes going to PNB: Peter Boal was the man who discovered her in Brazil; he was her mentor at NYCB and had her dance with Peter Boal & Co. When it was announced Boal was heading out West, I immediately felt Korbes would go also.

Why Ansanelli left NYCB remains the mystery; wanting to dance the classics is fine - but where? She was one of the most popular dancers at NYCB, was given every possible opportunity to dance a huge range of works (POLYPHONIA to COPPELIA and back again), was a frequent muse for Wheeldon. I would say if anyone "had it made" at a ballet company, it was Alexandra at NYCB. In her last season there I felt she was doing her finest dancing ever; now I wonder when I will get to see her dance again.

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