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The Mariinsky and "Fille Mal Gardee"

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Does the Mariinsky still perfom "Fille Mal Fardee"?

I have a book called "A Century of Russian Ballet" by Jeremy Noble. It is a Desk Diary, with each week of the year highlighting a different dancer fom Preobrajenska on up (starting with Petipa). On page 89 (for those with the book) there is a little picture in the upper left corner of a scene from the Mariinksy's production of "La Fille Mal Gardee" from 1989. I dont know which scene this picture is from, but the set is absolutly beautiful.

On thier web site, the Mariinsky does not have this ballet listed in their repretoire, and I have never heard of them performing it, except for a LONG time ago.

Do they still perfom it? If so, how much of it is of Petipa, or the version from the old days of the Imperial Ballet?

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There are two versions of La Fille mal Gardee: the original one which used old French Folk Tunes for the music and is very old (I'm not sure if this one is still even performed) and then there's Ashton's one which is performed by the Royal Ballet, the Australian Ballet and I'm sure many others.

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