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Welcome to Blogs II: The Blogs Are Back!

Over the past few months there have been several special events -- The Bournonville Festival, The Moscow International Ballet Competition -- that made us think that blogs would be a good option to have. So we've reinstated them for Senior Members in good standing. (100 or more posts).

What Is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal. You can think of it as a combination of a mini message board and a diary. Blogs are a great way to define your own space, as long as the entries and photos follow the guidelines listed below. A seasonal diary, ballet memories, essays, a year of ballet side trips, great stages, competitions, festivals are just some of the possibilities, and a single blog can span different "categories." Blogs are self-moderating as well as being moderated by the Ballet Talk board moderators, and you can decide whether or not you want others to comment on your blog itself or to comment on Ballet Talk.

On Ballet Talk, blogs are in a separate "module" that in many ways works like the board itself, and there is a link to Blog at the top of each Ballet Talk page, between "Calendar" and "Ballet Talk for Dancers."

There are different types of blog software, some standalone and some part of other software packages like ours, and blogs can look a bit different. Here are some sample dance blogs from other sites:

Tobi Tobias' blog on ArtsJournal.com: http://www.artsjournal.com/tobias/

Rachel Howard's blog: http://www.rachelhoward.com/

Before you blog, here are a list of

Rules and Policies:

1. Blogs topics are limited to ballet and other arts. That doesn't mean that you can't mention that the day you saw La Bayadere in Paris you visited Notre Dame, or that you saw a wonderful production of The Tempest at the new Opera House in Copenhagen, where the Royal Danish will perform large productions. But a blog shouldn't be a travel log or a cooking blog with a little ballet, film, or sculpture on the side.

2. All of the board policies -- including our policy that all news must be in print or announced officially -- are in force for hosted blogs, and they will be moderated.

3. For links to blogs that are hosted externally, those blogs should follow board rules. This is a handshake agreement, as the moderating team will not read every entry of every external blog listed. However, if we are alerted that the link is to an all-purpose blog, a political blog, an "All the Gossip All the Time" blog, or an attack blog, we will delete the link without notice.

    >Please remember there are members who are between the ages of 16-18 on this board.

4. You must be a Senior Member in good standing to create a blog on ballet and other arts from the audience point of view. Any other ballet-related topic (teaching, technique) must be pre-approved by a member of the Adminstrator team. You must be a Member in good standing to comment on the blog itself (where the blogger allows comments) or on the Board.

5. All blogs are self moderating, as well as being moderated by Ballet Talk moderators. That means that the blog owner may edit any comment made by another poster on his/her blog, may refuse any comment up front, or may delete any comment from the blog retroactively.

    >Bloggers may choose to refuse all comments or any comment for any reason, except where a moderator comments on policy.

6. Please note:: If we need to remove a blog because of policy violations, it may disappear without notice, and there is no archive.

Please click any of the following links to go to the instructions:

How to Set Up and Configure a Blog

After First-time Set-up

How To Manage Your Hosted Blog (includes posting entries and moderating)

How to Notify People of a New Blog Entry

How to Goto a Blog

To Comment on a Blog (on the blog or board)

Additional Options

Please click the green link to go to the Ballet Talk Blogs Home Page.

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