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Pictures of NYCB dancers on the net

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Bravo Dale! Is that really Faye Arthurs! I would never have guessed. She looks NOTHING like the picture on the NYCB website! :devil:

This brings up something interesting which is that some dancers are virtually impossible to identify because they seem completely different in every picture, or worse, others are not unique in a way that you can ever remember them!

Here's another picture:


Clearly that is Peter Boal but who are his muses? They all look alike!

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Bravo Dale! Is that really Faye Arthurs! I would never have guessed. She looks NOTHING like the picture on the NYCB website!

Yes, it is indeed Faye Arthurs on the left. As a former classmate and friend of hers, I see that her looks have definitely changed! [snip] Either way, she looks beautiful in this picture, and has come a long way to become such an accomplished dancer. I look forward to seeing her move up in the ranks at NYCB!

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It's Margret Tracey, Kathleen Tracey and Zippora Karz.

That explains why they look so similar. Karz and Kathleen Tracey were similar in looks and build and were often cast in "bookend" roles, like in the first pas de trois in Agon.

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If I'm not mistaken, didn't K. Tracey and Z. Karz perform part of Agon for a special on Balanchine that aired on PBS back in the early 90's (maybe 1993)?  If I remember correctly, the two of them danced so beautifully.

Lisinka1, you're correct on both counts. :D

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Kathleen Tracey was a great favorite of mine. I loved her because she could do both the leotard and the tutu ballets with compete success. She was an especially lovely Lilac Fairy, and superb in the Waltz movement of SUITE #3. Just before her unexpected and (to my mind) wildly premature retirement, I saw her in the Angel role in SERENADE.

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It was that very performance that made me love Agon. Before that performance I did not like the ballet very much. The dancers really do make the choreography come alive. I had seen it performed twice before and just didn't care for the music or the choreography. However after seeing Kathleen and Zippora perform along with Darcy Bussell (not sure who the male partners where that day) made me fall in love with Agon and these dancers. They were just so lovely that day. I always thought Kathleen would continue on to become a principal. She, her sister Margaret, and Zippora all left too soon.

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I believe Peter Boal danced the pas de trois with Kathleen and Zippora. Wendy Whelan was also in that. Can't recall who the other men were. My roomate has a tape of that at home somewhere...

That performance was the first time I saw Agon as well. I LOVE that ballet. Last season, I saw Maria K. dance the lead pas de deux. She was absolutely incredible. I gasped when she did the first fast supported ronde de jambe into attitude.

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I can't answer your question, but remember that some of those pictures have shown up on BT before and the dancers were identified then. I don't know what words to use to do a search, though.

I found another page of ballet pics on the same site, of students at the School of American Ballet:

SAB pics

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It's a second position plie sur les pointes. She may be stretching her insteps or softening the shanks of her shoes.

It's used to very witty effect in Balanchine's Tarantella.

I believe that the dancers in the far-left photo are Teresa Reichlen, Alina Dronova, Saskia Beskew, and Faye Arthurs (though I am not sure about the last one, I am pretty confident about the first three).  I am fairly certain it is NOT Gilliland.


I can't be more specific, but the fourth really does not look like Faye Arthurs, IMO. However, I concur on the other three.

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Cliff, that's a stretch done as part of barre (and sometimes centre) exercises. It stretches the instep of the foot.

harpergroup, I'm sure you're right. Checking Faye Arthurs' pic on her dancer bio at the NYCB website, it looks like her. Gilliland would not have been in this group of older dancers anyway, I don't think. I never get to see NYCB anymore, so my impressions are gleaned from the internet and video clips. I've never seen Faye Arthurs dance.

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There are 5 pictures of Margaret Tracey performing Zakouski with Nikolaj Hübbe at Corbis:

Zakouski with Nikolaj Hübbe & Margaret Tracey

The caption reads "Margaret Tracey and Nikolai Hubke dance a piece entitled 'Zakousi' from the NYC Ballet's Diamond Project which is showing at the Playhouse as part of the Edinburgh International Festival."

Some spelling errors there! :P

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