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Kirov in LA

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Ok, Andre, we have a visual on you now -- so if we see you at the next ballet event, I will stop you to say hello.

Diana Vishneva projects to the ceiling and above. :) I saw her on Wednesday night and my friends who saw her on Saturday night said she was even better than on Wednesday (they, too, were seated in the balcony).

Yes!!! Founder's Circle are the best seats -- they are like sitting in your living room and having the orchestra and the dancers there just for you. I have sat both near the side and back and then Sunday, front and center and it is a great view from both places. I agree that the patterns are able to be seen, and you can actually recognize each dancer much better than from the balcony or the loge even.

We are also very happy that Kirov will be back in S. CA next year, along with their orchestra and opera company.

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