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Bolshoi's DonQ at Wolf Trap

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Thanks for this, Kochka. As much as I am leary about seeing yet another Bolshoi DON Q -- at the KennCen-DC only 3-4 years ago & in Boston less than a year ago -- I am thrilled to be catching Ekaterina Schipulina's Kitri. Natalia Osipova & Nelli Kobakhidze, unparalleled as the two bridesmaid soloists, will be the icing on the cake.

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Thanks for this, Kochka.  As much as I am leary about seeing yet another Bolshoi DON Q -- at the KennCen-DC only 3-4 years ago & in Boston less than a year ago -- I am thrilled to be catching Ekaterina

You know, I don't even remember the Bolshoi's being here for DonQ that recently...odd.

In any case, IMO there really is no such thing as too much (Minkus) DonQ. :-)

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Natalia - if this is any use, except for the inevitable change in a production when there's a different cast, I thought the Don Q I saw at the Met was much the same as the one I saw in Boston last October. If there's been any tweaking or additions/subtractions I didn't notice it. I can't say I minded seeing it twice, though!

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Hans, as with any setting it's a matter of taste. I am pretty much a front row sitter when at all possible, including at Wolf Trap, though the lawn is also enjoyable.

If you get there early enough, they _might_ permit you to have a look around & decide where you want to sit.

The view from the lawn is very good but of course you are more vulnerable to weather there.

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Leigh - I wasn't even going to Wolf Trap, until a friend offered me tix for the 2nd performance. I thought, "OK - there will be a new soloist or two for me to see." Little did I know that I'd get to see Schipulina as Kitri...a first for me. Hurrah! So far, I've seen only her Dryad Queen in DQ.

Yes, I love the production but have been lucky enough to have seen several Bolshoi DQs in the span of one year (I lived in Moscow for 18 mos 'til late July '04...then went to Boston for a weekend's worth, last November). Shoot me.

Hans - At this late date, we'll be lucky to get anything indoors. The front part of the Loge (highest level) is actually pretty good. That's where my friends found seats for the Sat performance, one month ago. Nothing was available in the front two-thirds of the Orchestra level back then; heaven knows what's available now. I'd prefer to sit in the loge & admire the total production, than squint from the very last rows of the Orchestra level...or the Lawn. [Lawn is fun for the picnic-and-friendship element, though!]

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Editing to add that Natalia and I were posting at the same time. Natalia, I think I'm going to snatch up a Loge ticket while I have the chance!

Original post:

I'd rather not sit on the lawn, as my back tends to hurt when sitting for long periods of time without any support. I don't mind sitting up high/far away as that generally gives an unobstructed view, so I wonder if the Loge might be the best option. Do you know if the rear orchestra is "stadium style" or whether I'd have heads in front of me? (I'm short.) I've looked at the "views of the stage" on the Wolf Trap site, but couldn't really tell from the picture.

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I vaguely recall that the loge is fairly steep, so you might be ok.

In my experience, better tickets seem to be available at the box office at the last minute than in advance. Don't ask me why, but that often seems to be the case. I do also vaguely recall that one is allowed to upgrade on arrival, so you could get best-available now and then see if anything better is available when you get there.

As it is, I will be in the front row on Fri (ticket bought in, oh, April or so) and on the lawn with my dad & sisters (not generally ballet fans but will put up with it) on Sat.

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