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"Pas de Fletche" from Pharaoh's Daughter

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I just got a book called 'The Great Russian Dancers'. In it, in the section on Kschessinska, it has photos of her in "Pharoahs Daughter". The caption under the photos says that shes in the 'Pas de Fletche' from that ballet. Its obvious that this is the opening dance to the hunting scene, but what does 'fletche' mean?

I looked up the word 'fletche' in an online translator, and it translated it right back into 'fletche' (?) It also translated 'pas' into 'not'. Doenst 'pas' mean 'dance'?

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Pas is the French word for "step". It also means "not" but not in the ballet context.

I wonder if the word fletch is misspelled. Fleche means arrow, dart, or bolt. But I am not familiar with the step......

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"Pas" can also mean, roughly, a dance, as in Pas de deux--a dance for two people. Therefore, presumably Kschessinska wasn't performing the ballet step pas/temps de fleche (though they may well have been included in the choreography!) but an entire variation called the pas de fleche or arrow dance.

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