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rg's Photos--through 2006

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This is a list of links to thread which contain photos that have been posted generously by rg in individual posts in the Ballet History and other forums on Ballet Talk. Some threads contain multiple photographs, and it's worth scrolling down to find them:

Through 2006



Jeu de Cartes

Casse Noisette (Nikitina and Gerdt)

Bredgvadze (Street clothes)

Underwater Scenes



"Trading cards"

Devil's Holiday

Afshin Mofid



Le Festin

Golovin Katschei costume

Ulanova as Diana (Vaganova staging)


Night Shadow (includes Kronstam as the Poet, courtesy of Alexandra; be sure to scroll down)

Ulanova family composite

Ashton performs "Fred Step" as Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

John Kriza

Sovenirs of London -- 1970 Kirov

Bayaderka/Ponomarev -- Be sure to scroll down and to go to the second page

Soloviev -- Be sure to scroll down

Symphonic Variations (Dowell)

Le Palais de Cristal, 3rd Movement

Lovely unidentified picture, possibly a Grahn

The Talisman

Little Humpbacked Horse, Petersburgh Petipa production (Added 28 July)

Elza Vill in Sleeping Beauty (Added 5 August)

Soviet Era Esmeralda (Added 8 August)

Le Corsaire (Added 19 September)

Bronze Idol (Added 11 December)

Toumanova/Youskevitch (Added 14 December)

Emma Besone (Added 24 December)

Design Sketches from 1892 Nutcracker (Added 30 December)

Legat Caricatures (Nikolai and Sergei Legat, M.F. Kshessinska, P. Legnani, Marius Petipa, Marie Petipa, Lev Ivanov, Enrico Cecchetti. Added 2 January 06)

Adam and Drigo (Added 3 January 06)

Maryinski Theater (Added 9 February 06)

Bolshoi Theater (Added 9 Feb 06)

Marie Surovschikova (First Russian wife of Petipa, mother of Marie. Added 12 Feb 06)

Obukhov in Esmeralda (Added 4 Mar 06)

Vladimir Ivanovich Ponomaryev in the Serenade of ARLEKINADA (Added 13 Mar 06)

Fairy Doll and Millions d'Arlequin (Added 13 Mar 06)

La Fille Mal Gardee in Russia (Added 14 Mar 06)

Preograjenska in La Fille Mal Gardee (Added 15 Mar 06)

Odile/Siegfried Pas de Deux (Added 20 Mar 06)

Vera Zorina in I Was An Adventuress (Added 20 Mar 06)

Karsavina and Bolm in Le Pavillon (Added 30 Mar 06)

Marie Petipa as Lilac Fairy (Added 2 Apr 06)

Gerdt with Swan Maidens (Added 2 Apr 06)

Aleksandr Orlov as Siegfried (Added 2 Apr 06)

Mordkin and Giuri with Students in Swan Lake (Added 4 Apr 06)

Inna Zubkovskaya (nee Izraeleva) (Added 22 Apr 06)

Tamara Karsavina as Odile (with partner) (Added 23 Apr 06)

Karsavina, Vladimirov in Swan Lake (2 Photos) (Added 23 Apr 06)

Legnani and P. Gerdt in Le Corsaire (Added 24 Apr 06)

Early Soviet Ballet Photos: Sleeping Beauty Panorama (Added 25 Apr 06)

Early Soviet Ballet Photos: More Sleeping Beauty (Added 25 Apr 06)

Karalli in Daughter of the Pharoah (Added 26 Apr 06)

McBride and Villella in Rubies -- 1968 Publicity Shot (Added 5 May 06)

The Very Young Anna Pavlova and Her Fellow Cupids (Added 21 May 06)

Katherine Dunham (Added 21 May 06) Rest in Peace, Miss Dunham.

Mariinsky Theatre Center Box (Added 29 May 06)

Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo Jeu de Cartes (Added 30 May 06)

Toumanova and Eglevsky as Siegfried and Odile (Added 26 Jul 06)

Eglevsky in Harlequinade (Added 26 Jul 06)

Egorova in Sleeping Beauty as Florine and in the Ensemble (Added 31 Jul06)

Gerdt as Lilac in Sleeping Beauty (Added 1 Aug 06)

Suzanne Farrell on the Cover of "Ballet at the Beacon" (Added 4 Aug 06)

Shollar and Vilzak as White Cat and Puss in Boots in Sleeping Beauty (left) and Columbine and Harlequin in Carnaval (right) (Added 8 Aug 06)

An Airborne Melissa Hayden in Caracole (Added 9 Aug 06)

Melissa Hayden in Glinkiana (Added 9 Aug 06)

Jacques d'Amboise, Melissa Hayden, Diana Adams, and Patricia Wilde in Apollo (Added 9 Aug 06)

Melissa Hayden and Peter Martins in Swan Lake (Added 9 Aug 06)

Ending Tableau of Opening of Agon with Diana Adams (left) and Melissa Hayden (right) (added 10 Aug 06)

Diana and Acteon Divertissement, with A. Shelest and S. Kaplan (Added 11 Aug 06)

The Russian Imperial Theater School "House Dress" (Added 13 Aug 06)

Kurgapkina and Bregvadze in Their Strauss Waltz (Added 23 Aug 06)

Fountain of Bakhchisaray: Ulanova as Maria, T. M. Vecheslova as Zarema, and M. M. Mikhailov as Girei (Added 23 Aug 06)

Fountain of Bakhchisaray: Inna Izraeleva (later known as Zubkovskaya) as Maria (Added 23 Aug 06)

Gelsey Kirkland as Aurora (Added 11 Sep 06)

Mikhail Markovich Gabovich (Added 12 Nov 2006)

2006 Dance Magazine Awards Citation for Gelsey Kirkland (Added 15 Nov 2006)

Farrell, d'Amboise, and Tallchief on Informational Cards (Added 25 Nov 06)

Serge Golovine--The Spirit of the Rose (Added 1 Dec 06)

Valse Caprice: Pavlova and Novikoff (Added 1 Dec 06)

Lydia Kyaksht as Swannilde (Added 4 Dec 06)

Lydia Kyaksht, possibly Swannilde (Added 4 Dec 06)

Maria Mariusovna Petipa (Added 8 Dec 06)

Virginia Zucchi as Paquita and M.S. Petipa (Added 8 Dec 06)

Viktor Semyonov and Image of Diana from Liubov Diana (Les Amours de Diana) (Added 11 Dec 06)

Tatiana Vecheslova and Vakhtang Chabukiani in San Francisco (1934) (Added 22 Dec 06)

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This list just takes my breath away -- many, many thanks to rg and to Ballettalk for this invaluable collection.

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It has been wonderful to have had a chance to see these photos when they were originally posted by rg. And it's fantastic to have the links to them collected in this way. (Along with a chance to revisit the discussions that they were part of !!!)

Thank you, rg, for sharing this collection with us. Thank you, Helene, for taking on the formidable job of gathering them in one place.

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