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Breaking News! Announcement at the Met!!

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Congratulation to Svetlana Lunkina!! Lunkina has just been promoted to principal! :lol: The announcement was made by Alexei Ratmansky at the end of the Bright Stream at the Met. After the announcement the audience erupted into thunderous applaud!

Once again congratulation to Svetlana!!

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Ratmansky (who was led out for a call by Lunkina) made the announcement first in English, with the company apparently not understanding (or else not letting on). He said that it was a very special occasion for a dancer who'd been dancing principal roles for seven years, that she was being promoted to principal tonight. He then turned to the company and spoke in Russian. They erupted in applause, Ms Lunkina wearing the same look as a new Miss America does when the First Runner Up is named. Alexandrova lunged toward her and thrust her bouquet into Lunkina's already flower laden arms :lol: . It was so emotional, even with a dancer whom, until tonight, I did not know at all.

Thank you, Mr. Ratmansky, and thanks to the dancers.

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