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Ulyana Lopatkina


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Another difference is that while Diana guests extensively with other companies (giving her a worldwide exposure) Uliana AFAIK dances exclusively with her home company. As I adore Vishneva I'm very grateful that she chooses to "share the wealth" with so many companies (including the ABT). I wish I could see more of Lopatkina.

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.... As I adore Vishneva I'm very grateful that she chooses to "share the wealth" with so many companies (including the ABT). I wish I could see more of Lopatkina.

The videobalet site posted for the Ivan Vasiliev and Evgenia Obraztsova threads also gives four half minute glimpses of Lopatkina (including Dying Swan), four of Vishneva (including Manon, which ABT will offer next Spring), and two of Pavlenko:


Vishneva on top, Lopatkina in the middle, Pavlenko below.

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I wrote my current post before I discovered this Topic. Could I please enter it and hopefully add some new thoughts.

I had read for several years how wonderful she is. I saw her first at her own Gala at the St. Petersburg Winter Festival 2005. I thought she displayed some brilliant elements. I saw her twice again as the Lilac Fairy about a half year later in the US. I liked her even more, but I couldn't really say why. There was hardly any dancing for her to do. She just seemed to fit the role. A subtle command of something. Again the elements were wonderful, but as I said in an old discussion..."I am still waiting for an entire package. I dream of that."

This year at the St. Petersburg Winter Festival. "I'm Speechless", entered my vocabulary. She performed her Swan Lake.

It Might Have Been Somewhere Beyond Perfect. All I'd care to say now is that in my mind I would already place her in the pantheon with Galina Ulanova and Maya Plisetskaya. I can't really describe right now what makes Galina Ulanova and Maya Plisetskaya so great for me, but I would say that what makes Uliana Lopatkina great and distinct from these two Wonders is...****Refinement****

If the video of her Swan Lake, which may be released sometime this year, shows her the same as I saw her, I think that my extremely high esteem for her will be confirmed. Possibly the reason so many of the 'Not-Diana Vishneva' current 'Russian-And-Alina-Cojocaru' ballerinas are not discussed here more at the moment is that they are not seen in the US very often. Hopefully the temporary closing of the Mariinsky and Bolshoi Theaters will change this. Hopefully Uliana and Diana will be seen in the US this Autumn doing Swan Lake, etc.

Would anyone like to add some new thoughts about Uliana Lopatkina. Maybe someone would like to start or revive topics about some of the other 'Russian-And-Alina Cojocaru' current ballerinas.

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If you want to blow your mind, try to catch a performance of the Kirov's Jewels with Diana in Rubies, and Uliana in Diamonds. You can certainly sit through Emeralds for that.


Andre----Have Done!----D'Accord! (Totally Agree!). Cheers!

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