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Review for the Clueless


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I can only see a ballet fans finding humor in Korb's references. (If it can be called humerous at all.)

I don't think he will attract any clueless spectators with this piece. The truly clueless would probably read this review and think ballet was all the more confusing and unappealing!

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I'd vote with the "that was funny?" crowd. If I were a "clueless" fan, I think I'd insulted, to boot. Who's being "classist?" The ballet, or the critic who assumes everyone else is too dumb to get it? (OR maybe he really does think like this....) Not complaining -- thanks for posting this, Hans.

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I found it funny, because I have discussed such things with folks who do not enjoy a performance (ballet or other music/dance/cultural programs)...or are bored. In fact I have had similar experiences (usually if a peformance is boring and/or has non-engaging talent).

I am not sure I would take this as an insult to Ballet. I could also interpret it as the critic making fun of themselves :blush:

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Yes, I thought it was funny - but the humour was for those already "initiated" and in the know. Even the title - ballet for the clueless - was a joke. For me the humour came from the contrast between the performance I imagined from the bits of description in the "review," and the reactions of the reviewer. But then maybe I have an odd sense of humour ...

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