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Other NYCB departures

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I suspect that when someone leaves and we don't know why, then it's not a happy thing.

Actually, many dancers who retire leave to have normal lives: families, new professions, time off to think, school, and adventures they've put off to avoid injury. There's nothing specifically ominous in leaving ballet without having 15 minutes of fame and a big announcement or even ending up as a result in a Google search.

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Heard this, but couldn't believe it.  Checked it.  Alexandra Ansanelli's name no longer on NYCB website roster. ?????

This is true; Ansanelli is no longer on the NYCB roster on its website. There's been nothing else in print; if there's any public announcement, we'll be sure to post it.


For everyone, please no speculation on the board until we get word in print.


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Two points. First, I think this matter should have its own thread. Ansanelli should not be lumped with Jessica Flynn and Jerome Johnson. Second, it's one thing not to post rumors; it's something else to discourage discussion of something after it's already happened.

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I no longer moderate nor play one on TV, but I think from past experience that what Helene is asking is not for discussion to cease, but to please not post unpublished information -

"I loved her dancing and I don't know who can replace her" or "Who could do her roles in the company?" is OK

"Can anyone tell me why she left?" or "I heard she said X" is not - BT would need a published source for that.

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